Wednesday, May 19, 2010

More cardboard and Caro

After the pictures with Ewoud I tried to use bigger sizes and to take pictures from every side. Therefore Caro turned always so that I could take a picture of the front, back and sides. The most interesting part was that it didn´t look like a person anymore, it could also be a stick with some stuff around.

Ewoud and the cardboard

My next step was to wrap the cardboard squares around a real person.
It was one of the funniest parts in this project to take this pictures. Have a look...

Inspiration Gordon Matta-Clark

This is Gordon Matta-Clark, who cuts real houses and buildings and he anspired me to cut my squares, too!

Pretty funny that he looks like my paper work!


Second work with cardboard and shapes. This exercise was more about finding a shape and do some more experiments. At the end I decided to do more with the square.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Paper and sticky tape

After my last work I got stuck with my ideas. It was too accidentally and without a sense. So I started with a basic work. This one was to create shapes out of paper and sticky tape. Then I took pictures with this shapes and the shadow and the most interesting result was that there is the possibility to stand one shape on another with the result that it looks like one shadow.


2 squares in different sizes and 1 shadow

Inspiration Pilobolus Dance Theatre

Another inspiration which is related to my outcome. Pretty imazing and it shows that it is always hard to have an idea which hasn´t been there before. I had the idea to performe my outcome behind a sheet.

Experiments with pack foam

This is an experiment I have done after the proposal. The "white thing" is a cone out of pack foam which is sqeezed in circles in different sizes. I have choosen the cone shape because there is the possility to pile. It was a good exercise with some interesting and funny pictures as a result.


An extraordinary dress

A bird

This exercise is related to the proposal and the babies/pile idea. I tried to find a shape which is able to pile and use another material than calico. In my opinion the cone shape is a good beginning, but the pack foam is too sticky and not strong enough.
Therefore I have to search for another material and do some more experiments...